COLORTIVE Co., Ltd. is an award winning company based in Seoul, South Korea. We aim to create an affluent society through the united paradigm of art and technology. We also aim to suggest digital intermediate(D.I.) as an alternative form of special visual effects and transform reinforced reality into media through multi-grade selection and concentration.


  • Through creative DI and Image Enhancement technologies,
  • we are creating Cinematic Visuals
  • in order to maximize The Experiences of Customer and Audience.


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Season II – Up to 2020

  • BIGBANG Last Concert – DI & Color Mastering, YG Entertainment, NHK, Japan
  • 8K Super Hi-Vision UHD-II Reference Movie – Color Mastering, SBS TFT
  • the BLACK – Feature Film, CGV INDISPACE, Anares Film & Idaltu
  • Interactive 12K S3D 360 VR – Pyeongchang Olympic 2018 Promotion
  • Interactive 360 SONY Playstation 4 Game – DI & Color Mastering, SONY
  • 8K Medical 360 VR – Custom Picture Profiling & VR Color Mastering
  • 1st 12K Stereoscopic 3D VR,  STELLAR VR CONCERT – S3D RED Dragon, NIPA
  • DaVinci Resolve & ICA Authorized Training Center Establishment in Seoul, Korea
  • VR Mastering Technical MOU with MYTHERAPY Inc. London, UK
  • 1st 8K Stereoscopic 3D VR ONE DAY – Kintex, VR Summit 2016
  • VR Image Enhancing & Color Mastering Technical Reports


Season I – 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011 and 2010

ACES Standard Projects – BBC, London Technology Supports, 1st DIT Profession Education Program in Korea – National IT Industry Promotion Agency, ICA VR Color Mastering – ICA International Seminar, Seoul., KBS, SBS, EBS, CJ E&M, JTBC 4K Seminars – Image Technology Class, USA Patent No. 13/519,389 – Image Processing based Multi-Touch, National Competency Standards Module – Ministry of Education, UHD Color Management Seminars – KBS, MBC, SBS, EBS, YTN., 4K UHD Workshop based on SONY F55 – CGI Center, Smart Contents Award – Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, S3D Production Support – Korea Radio Promotion Association, LG UHDTV MIPTV Show Mastering – LG Electronics, International Colorist Academy MOU – ICA Korea Foundation, – Professional S3D Color Mastering – ICA International Seminar, 1st Professional Colorist Programs (300 hours) – CGI Center, Digital Cinema Color Mastering – Korean Film Commission, Color Grading & Mastering – KBS H.R. Development Center, Korean Venture Registration – Korean Technology Finance Corp., Korean Electronics Show 2011 – INNOVATION, Kintex, The Ministry of Knowledge Economy Award – MKE, 1st Korean Professional HD Color Grading Book – Book Media Group.

Integration of Art & Technology !

Spatio-Temporal Installation

Intervension, LONDON, UK.

Beginning of millennium, University of London a contemporary art student designed an installation called “The Order of Dysfunction” that used spatio-temporal texts to determine the semantic interchange of pre-defined information. Starting from contemporary visual art practices in an university lab, now COLORTIVE Co., Ltd. have professional image enhancing solution, technical documents and publication for DI, Stereoscopic 3D VR service and customers !!!

Authorized Training

Color Grading & Digital Intermediate Trainings

Accessible knowledge has always been a slightly unsettling realm for D.I. Artist. Surrounded with myths, misunderstandings and contradicting best practices, School of COLOR has been a domain for the major broadcasting systems and post-production companies which would “struggle” with new image technologies on the quality based project. This is why School of COLOR, we are providing the full structure of DI technologies.

Digital Intermediate

Color Grading, Enhancing and Mastering

COLORTIVE Co., Ltd. aims to suggest digital intermediate as an alternative form of special visual effects!

Media Technology

Interaction & New Media

As an expression of the imagination and creativity that NEW MEDIA provokes, COLORTIVE Co., Ltd. has focused on Interactive VR technologies since 2015.


CEO, Colorist, Art Director, Engineer and DI Author


University of London - Contemporary Art


Interactive 12K S3D 360 VR - Winter Olympic VR, 2017 Interactive 6K 360 VR Contents - SONY, Confidential, 2017 1st 12K S3D VR with RED Dragon - Stellar VR Concert, 2016 1st 8K Super Hi-Vision with SONY F65 - SBS TFT, 2015 4K UHD Science Documentary - BBC London Collabo, 2014

Color Science

12K S3D VR Production Design - NIPA, 2016 Image Color Correcting Method - USA Patent : No. 13/519,389, 2015 4K UHD Display QC Technical Seminar - Samsung Display, 2013 ACES Based 4K UHD Color Management - BBC London Collaboration, 2014